Seminar: Work in the Platform Economy

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 11.04.2018

The seminar was organised on 26 April 2018. You can find the presentations and videos of the seminar below. Vili Lehdonvirta: Platform work now and in the future [pdf]: Ursula Huws: Worker rights and social protection of workers in the platform economy [pdf]: Panel discussion: Future of work and worker rights – what is to…


Seminar: Public and Private Care for the Ageing Population – Lessons from Europe

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 22.09.2014

Every day almost 100 Finnish citizens turn 65 years of age. In Europe the amount of 60-year-olds increases by over two million each year. With the ageing of the population it is necessary to evaluate and reassess how welfare services are organized, financed and produced. We must also ask, what does the state actually promise…


Seminar: Return to Spheres of Influence? Democratisation and Integration in Post-Cold War Europe

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 12.08.2014

With the end of the Cold War, democracy and integration based on common values were supposed to sweep away the dividing lines of Europe. But the crisis in the Ukraine has escalated to war and developments in Eastern and Central Europe haven’t all gone according to plan. Now 25 years after the fall of the…


The Nordic Model, Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 25.04.2014

Two research reports on the Nordic Model were presented in Helsinki on 25 April 2014. Professor Jan Fagerberg presented the report Innovation and innovation policy in the Nordic region and Director General Juhana Vartiainen presented his report To create and share – the remarkable success and contested future of the Nordic Social-Democratic Model. The reports…


Forum: A Progressive Renaissance for Europe

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 25.03.2014

Brysselissä käydään Renaissance Forumissa 3.-5. huhtikuuta vasemmistolaisten edistyksellisten toimijoiden kesken poliittista keskustelua Euroopan unionin tilasta ja mihin suuntaan sitä pitäisi kehittää. Suurin osa keskusteluista käydään työryhmissä, joissa käasitellään niin populismin haastetta, kasvupolitiikaa, rahoitusmarkkinoiden aiheuttamaa eriarvoisuutta, sosiaalisten ja työntekijöiden oikeuksien vahvistamista, naisten poliittista osallistumista, ympäristösolidaarisuutta kuin eurooppalaisen nuorisotakuun toteuttamista. Säätiöstä Antti Alaja alustaa kasvu ja työllisyyspolitiikasta…


Research and Policy Day: Power to the People – The Future of European Democracy

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 24.09.2013

The theme of the 8th annual Research and Policy Day is European Democracy. The issue is approached through four topics: strengthening EU citizenship and legitimacy, illegitimate corporate power, democratisation and democracy support, and representative vs. direct democracy. Speakers include President Tarja Halonen, famous political scientist and activist Susan George and a host of other interesting…


Energy Revolution!? Lessons from German and Danish Energy Policy

Hildur Boldt | 8.04.2013

on 29 May 2013 at 15.00 at Ostrobotnia (Museokatu 10, Helsinki) Germany has decided to phase out nuclear power and invest massively in renewable energy sectors. A green revolution in said to be in the making. The harshest critics, however, claim that phasing out nuclear power will only lead to increasing CO2 emissions. Denmark has…


Research and Policy Day: “Religion in Politics”

Hildur Boldt | 12.10.2012

Religion is a sensitive and personal issue, but also a powerful social force, which has gained importance in many countries and also in world politics in recent years. How do religion and politics interact in different contexts and countries today? The traditional Research and Policy day focused on the interaction of religion and politics. We explored…


Debate “Presidency & Power” at Helsinki Book Fair

Hildur Boldt | 5.10.2012

Russia, Finland, France, the US… 2012 is the year of presidential elections. A debate about power and power struggles organised at the Helsinki Book Fair on Saturday 27 October with Masha Gessen, the author of the international best seller about Vladimir Putin; Risto Uimonen, who has written a biography of Sauli Niinistö; French politics Louis Clerc…


6.6.2012 The reality of wine production and the corporate responsibility of state-owned companies

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 4.07.2012

Poor working conditions, lack of living wage, and discrimination against women and seasonal workers are huge problems in wine industry. Both, Finland and Sweden, have a state monopoly over alcohol retail, which gives Alko and Systembolaget considerable power to affect on producers. The Swedes have taken action and started to demand more ethical wines. What…