16.8.2013 A Swedish-Finnish workshop on Post Keynesian economics

Time: Friday 16.8.2013, 10.30-16.30
Venue: ABF, Stockholm

10.30 Opening & The State of Economic Policy Debate in Finland and Sweden

–       Project Researcher Antti Alaja, Kalevi Sorsa Foundation

–       Director Daniel Suhonen, Think tank Katalys

–       PhD Student Lauri Holappa (University of Helsinki)

11.45 Can Fiscal Austerity Be Expansionary in Present Europe? A Lesson from Sweden

–       Professor Lennart Erixon, University of Stockholm

12.30   Lunch

13.30 Keynesian full employment and the financing constraints of full employment policies

–       PhD Student Jussi Ahokas (University of Eastern Finland)

14.15 Keynes and Eurozone imbalances

–       PhD Student Tony Johansson, Malmö University

15.00 Coffee Break

15.15 Roundtable debate: Post Keynesian Economics in the Nordic Countries 

16.30 Closing 

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