About the Foundation

Kirjoittaja Hildur Boldt Hildur Boldt

The Kalevi Sorsa Foundation is a social democratic think tank.

A lively democracy requires diverse but well-argued views, building the future open-mindedness and new ideas. The Foundation was established in 2005 to meet these goals.

The foundation describes and contributes to the conversation on what kind of social democratic policies combine freedom and justice with equality, also in the long term.

Our work is in the realm that overlaps research, policy formulation and political decision-making. The foundations build bridges between the academic community, media, civil society organisations and political actors.

The international is important for the foundation, both as a perspective and as a mode of operation. The network of centre-left think tanks gives ample opportunities for interaction, bilaterally, as well as through the umbrella of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies.

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