Links on democracy promotion

Kirjoittaja Hildur Boldt Hildur Boldt

The Alfred Mozer Foundation is the Dutch social democrats’s foundation for international democracy. Trains och educates social democratic parties in Central and Eastern Europe.

DEMO is the Finnish political parties organisation for multiparty democracy. Supports projects between Finnish Parties and those in developing countries.

The European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity is a network of Social democratic parties and foundations from EU countries. The Forum is dedicated to support the transformation and democratisation processes in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

European Network of Political Foundationsis the cooperation structure for European political foundations involved in democracy promotion and development cooperation.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is the German Social Democrats organisation for development co-operation and promoting democracy. The FES has offices all around the world.

IDEA, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistanceis a intergovermental organisation for democracy. Helps to develop and strenghten democratic institutions and a culture of democracy.

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, IMD, the Dutch political parties organisation. Supports political parties and the political system in developing countries.

The Olof Palme International Centerworks with international development co-operation and the forming of public opinion surrounding international political and security issues.

The Westminster Foundation for Democracysupports democracy in transitition economies and developing countries through the democracy work of British organisations and Parties.