Social democratic and progressive think tanks

Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation is a non-profit think tank founded in 1996 in memory of the founder of the Greek Social Democratic Party PASOK.

Arenagruppen is an independent, radical and progressive think tank in Sweden that promotes social debate focused on the future through it’s publications and seminars.

Catalystis an independent organisation in the UK that seeks to promote a economic and social debate that is radical and modern, but connected to everyday

Cevea is a progressive centre-left think tank fighting for open, binding and liberating communities. The think tank aims to contribute to the renewal of the battle of ideas in Denmark and fuel the fire of

Class, the Centre for Labour and Social Studies, is a think tank established in 2012 to act as a centre for left debate and discussion in the UK.

Compass is a Brittish pressure group, whose aimis to discuss and develop ideas for a equal and democratic world, and to campaign for it to become reality.

The Fabian Society is a think thank affiliated with the British Labour Party. Lots of ideological debate on issues which are important to Social Democrats.

Fafo is a trade union -founded research institute that studies work life, welfare policy and living conditions in Norway and internationally.

For velfersstaten is an norwegian think tank founded by trade unions, consumer organisations and other interest groups to strenghten the fight agaist inequality and for a strong public sector.

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies FEPS is European progressive political foundation close to the Party of European Socialists (PES). The FEPS establishes an intellectual crossroads between social democracy and the European project and works to tackle the challenges that Europe is facing today. The Kalevi Sorsa Foundation is a member of FEPS.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) of Germany is a private, non-profit organisation for policy research, education and international work committed to the principles and values of social democracy.

The FES Stockholm office was established in 2006 to enhance the exchange of ideas between German and Nordic decision makers on common challenges in welfare state and social reform, economic and foreign affairs.

The Italian leftist Gramsci Foundation supports mainly historical research on socio-cultural, economic and political globalisation and European integration.

The Institute for Public Policy Research, IPPR is one of the UK’s leading progressive think thanks.

Italianieuropei is a Italian foundation founded by socialists Massimo d’Alema and Giuliano Amato to promote the europeanisation of Italy.

The Jean Jaurès Foundation is a French think tank on the left. Debates and publications on French society and politics.

The Labour Institute for Economic Research is a independent and non-profit research institute in Finland that carries out economic research, monitors economic development and publishes macroeconomic forecasts.

New Economic Foundation is an independent ”think-and-do tank”, that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being.

New Local Government Network, a non-profit making, independent think thank, that seeks to transform public services, revitalise local political leadership and empower local communities.

The Pablo Iglesias Foundation is the Spanish Socialist Party’s foundation. Promotes socialist thinking and maintains a historical archive.

The Policy Network is an international think thank established in 2000. Founding fathers were Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder, Giuliano Amato and Göran Persson. The Policy Network is part of the Progessive Governance Process, started by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. The aim of the Progressive Governance Process is to form a international forum for the centre-left, where European social democrats and American democrats can meet and discuss.

Progress – Labour’s Progressives is the independent organisation for Labour party members and trade unionists.

The Progressive Policy Institute is a third way american think tank, whose aim is to define and promote new progressive policies for the 21st Century.

The Renner Institute is the Austrian Social Democrat’s political academy and think tank.

Res Publika is a think thank close to the Norwegian trade unions, which aims at promoting debate about Norways choices, especially in relation to growth, redistribution and security.

The Social Market Foundation is an independent think thank, that explores ideas that link the state and the market to create the just, free and prosperous Britain of tomorrow.

Tankesmedjan Tiden is the Swedish Labour Movement’s think tank, that through articles, reports and seminars advance the discussion on the labour movements tasks and challenges in a changing society.

The Wiardi Beckman Foundation is the Dutch Labour Party’s research and development institute.

Online publications

Aktuellt i Politiken is Sweden’s social democratic party’s membership bulletin, which contains news from a social democratic stand point and social debate.

Dissent Magazine is a publication of the American Left, with interesting reports and commentaries of American and European politics and

The New Left Review is the so called new left’s leading publication, which was founded in 1960. The topics range from world politics and the global economy to new social movements, social theory, history and

New Statesman is a traditional leftist publication founded by

The Prospect is a progressive English publication, which features a broad social

Social Europe is a quarterly electronic journal in English. Its aim is to give social democrats across Europe opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas.

Democracy promotion

The Alfred Mozer Foundation is the Dutch social democrats’s foundation for international democracy. Trains och educates social democratic parties in Central and Eastern Europe.

DEMO is the Finnish political parties organisation for multiparty democracy. Supports projects between Finnish Parties and those in developing countries.

The European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity is a network of Social democratic parties and foundations from EU countries. The Forum is dedicated to support the transformation and democratisation processes in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

European Network of Political Foundationsis the cooperation structure for European political foundations involved in democracy promotion and development cooperation.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is the German Social Democrats organisation for development co-operation and promoting democracy. The FES has offices all around the world.

IDEA, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistanceis a intergovermental organisation for democracy. Helps to develop and strenghten democratic institutions and a culture of democracy.

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, IMD, the Dutch political parties organisation. Supports political parties and the political system in developing countries.

The Olof Palme International Centerworks with international development co-operation and the forming of public opinion surrounding international political and security issues.

The Westminster Foundation for Democracysupports democracy in transitition economies and developing countries through the democracy work of British organisations and Parties.

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö