6.6.2012 The reality of wine production and the corporate responsibility of state-owned companies

Kirjoittaja Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö

Poor working conditions, lack of living wage, and discrimination against women and seasonal workers are huge problems in wine industry. Both, Finland and Sweden, have a state monopoly over alcohol retail, which gives Alko and Systembolaget considerable power to affect on producers. The Swedes have taken action and started to demand more ethical wines. What goes on vineyards? Do state-owned companies have a special responsibility to guarantee ethical chain of production? Is the same kind of campaign possible in Finland? Come to discuss and meet Swedish activist to the seminar organized by Kalevi Sorsa Foundation and Eetti ry.


Opening remarks
Elisa Lipponen, Kalevi Sorsa Foundation

The Reality of Vineyards. Experiences from South Africa
Emil Boss, trade union activist, Systembolaget

Campaigning for Ethical Wines in Sweden – The Goals, Achievements, and Barriers
Åsa Eriksson, Afrikagrupperna

Corporate Social Responsibility of State-Owned Companies
Sonja Vartiala, Finnwatch