Good Services project 2008–2011

· Hildur Boldt

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In the course of three years the project has looked into questions such as how welfare services are currently produced in Finland and what kind of trends are likely to emerge in the future. Another central aim of the project has been the development of alternative ways of producing welfare services that correspond to social democratic values. The approach of the project has been international, interdisciplinary and citizen-centred.

The findings of the project have been put forth for public debate and offered as a basis for political decision-making through reports and open discussions.

In addition to a number of working papers and public events the project produced two main publications. Kansan terveys on tahdon asia , written by Kimmo Leppo, casts a critical eye on the Finnish health services and puts forth various suggestions for reform. The publication Yhteiset vai ostetut?, jointly edited by Pasi Ahola, Pentti Arajärvi and Aulikki Kananoja, on the other hand, analyses the aims and practices of social services while at the same time offering a range of concrete policy recommendations.

The final report of the project, Tehoja vai kuluja markkinoilta, written by Joonas Rahkola, was published in the spring of 2011.

For futher information about the project please contact
Project Coordinator Elisa Lipponen, +358 40 1547 986

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