Knowledge Society for All -project 2007-2009

· Hildur Boldt

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 In the perspective of fast structural changes, education presents crucial factor for the future success of societies. On the other hand it also presents a system which produces inequality and separation in societies. The education corresponding to ones ability and motivation should be equally available to every citizen during whole lifetime. The aim of the project is to study conditions and challenges of the Finnish educational system and propose outlooks for its future development. It is especially focused on vocational and adult education. The project examines both the system- and local level.

Research and development ideas produced in the project emphasize the aspects concerning educational equality, social justice and flexibility and appropriateness from the point of view of students and workers. The objective is to create visions of how the right of every citizen to education and knowledge could be accomplished on a more equal basis, and what kind of changes in the educational system are needed to realize these objectives.

A first report on the state and challenges of the educational system by Ph.D Tiina Tikka and M.Soc.Sc Esa Suominen was published in January 2008, which has been published in English as Education Society 2.0

During 2008 the focus was on developing secondary education, especially the vocational education system, which resulted in a report by Jouni Parkkonen and Aleksi Henttonen. A publication, written by Aleksi Henttonen, on the financing of education, in particular tertiary education, was published in the Spring of 2008.

In 2009 the project will concentrate on proposals to improve equal access to and participation in adult education. By the end of the year the results of the project will compiled into a reform program of the educational system in Finland.

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