Report: A Progressive Approach to Digital Tech

Digital issues are rising on the political agenda everywhere: locally, nationally and internationally. This report approaches digital technology from a progressive perspective and suggests various measures to make the production and use of digital technology socially and environmentally sustainable. The report is published by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and SAMAK, the Co-operation Committee of the Nordic Social Democratic Parties and Trade Union LOs.

As digital technology permeates our everyday life as citizens, workers, consumers and voters – for good and bad – we can no longer treat digitalisation as a separate, technical or inevitable matter. Instead, the task at hand for Europe is to set out its own path for the digital transition. This requires a positive vision, and collective action.

What should our digital future look like? The report sketches a number of policy ideas that together may outline a European Digital Model.

The report can be accessed in here.

For Finnish version, see here.

For Swedish version, see here.

The digital attachments to the report:

Key Technologies in the Digital Transformation: Towards a Social Science Taxonomy of Digital Technology

Smart Cities – A Key to a Progressive Europe

Listen to a podcast with authors, Digital Policy Adviser Justin Nogarede (FEPS) and Secretary-General Jan-Erik Støstad (SAMAK) as well as MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri as guests.


Watch a video related to report:

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