Report: Work and Workers’ Rights in the Platform Economy

A new report by Project Researcher Maija Mattila takes on work and workers’ rights in the platform economy. The report offers a new, strict definition for platform work, summons quantitative and qualitative data of the extent of platform-mediated work and workers in the EU and elsewhere, outlines problems related to working via platforms, and proposes (regulatory) solutions to these problems, particularly in the Finnish context. The report is written in Finnish, but you can find English summary in here.

Maija Mattila is Doctor of Social Sciences and Project Researcher at Kalevi Sorsa Foundation. She has previously written two reports about platform economy and workers rights (both in Finnish: Alustatalouden haasteet työntekijälle and Alustatalous ei ole jakamistaloutta (välttämättä)).

For the Finnish article about the report, see here.

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