A Progressive Approach to Digital Tech

As digital technology permeates our everyday life, we can no longer treat digitalisation as a separate, technical or inevitable matter. Instead, the task at hand for Europe is to set out its own path for the digital transition. This requires a positive vision and collective action. Take a look at an introductory video on digital transformation!

See video:

The video is related to a report written by Digital Policy Adviser Justin Nogarede (FEPS) and Secretary-General Jan-Erik Støstad (SAMAK):

A Progressive Approach to Digital Tech – Taking Charge of Europe’s Digital Future

Progressiivinen näkökulma digitaaliteknologiaan – Luodaan Euroopan digitaalinen tulevaisuus itse

Ett progressivt grepp om digital teknik – Vårt ansvar för Europas digitala framtid

You can access the digital attachments to the report as well as a related podcast in here.

The video has been produced by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Nordic labour movement SAMAK, in cooperation with Kalevi Sorsa Foundation.

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