Economics, politics and the limits of consensus in economic thought: An interview with professor Sheila Dow

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 30.05.2019

Kalevi Sorsa Foundation and the “Poliittinen talous” [Political Economy] podcast organize a live-podcast at the Think Corner of University of Helsinki on 14 June 2019. Timo Harjuniemi and Lauri Holappa will be interviewing Sheila Dow, emeritus professor in economics, on economics and the boundaries between science and politics. The event will be in English. Economics…


Report: Work and Workers’ Rights in the Platform Economy

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 29.04.2019

A new report by Project Researcher Maija Mattila takes on work and workers’ rights in the platform economy. The report offers a new, strict definition for platform work, summons quantitative and qualitative data of the extent of platform-mediated work and workers in the EU and elsewhere, outlines problems related to working via platforms, and proposes…


Book: Progressive Answers to Populism

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 21.03.2019

In the European Union, roughly a quarter of likely voters would currently opt for populist politicians, whose policies centre on fighting against some outside enemy, the rejection of political pluralism and the irreconcilable conflict between the “people” and the elites/experts. Although the problem of rising populism is becoming a more and more researched topic, there…


Platform work in Finland – Report launch

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 19.03.2019

Time: Thursday 4 April 2019 at 9.00-11.00Place: Service Union United (Palvelualojen ammattiliitto) PAM, Siltasaarenkatu 18 A, 8th floor, Helsinki How many people living in Finland have searched for jobs via online platforms? How many work regularly via online platforms? Is working via platforms simply a way to earn extra money, or is it the main…


Seminar: Work in the Platform Economy

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 11.04.2018

The seminar was organised on 26 April 2018. You can find the presentations and videos of the seminar below. Vili Lehdonvirta: Platform work now and in the future [pdf]: Ursula Huws: Worker rights and social protection of workers in the platform economy [pdf]: Panel discussion: Future of work and worker rights – what is to…


Policies for Innovation in times of Digitalization

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 9.08.2017

In today’s debates, innovation policies and especially digitalization are often regarded as mainly technological phenomena and policies often aim at technological problems and solutions. However, in times of increasing digitalization of work and everyday life the question must arise how state policies can shape, develop and create accessibility of digital innovations in a socially just…


The entrepreneurial state – a new framework for innovation policy

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 14.06.2016

Tuesday 28.6.2016, 14:00–15:45 Sitra,Leonardo da Vinci auditorium, Itämerenkatu 11-13, Helsinki In her international bestselling book The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths (2013, Anthem Press) Professor Mariana Mazzucato (Sussex University) claimed that various states have been entrepreneurial and successful in promoting technological revolutions and innovation-led growth. Too often public discourse in many countries…


Seminar: Public and Private Care for the Ageing Population – Lessons from Europe

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 22.09.2014

Every day almost 100 Finnish citizens turn 65 years of age. In Europe the amount of 60-year-olds increases by over two million each year. With the ageing of the population it is necessary to evaluate and reassess how welfare services are organized, financed and produced. We must also ask, what does the state actually promise…


Seminar: Return to Spheres of Influence? Democratisation and Integration in Post-Cold War Europe

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 12.08.2014

With the end of the Cold War, democracy and integration based on common values were supposed to sweep away the dividing lines of Europe. But the crisis in the Ukraine has escalated to war and developments in Eastern and Central Europe haven’t all gone according to plan. Now 25 years after the fall of the…


The Nordic Model, Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Kalevi Sorsa -säätiö | 25.04.2014

Two research reports on the Nordic Model were presented in Helsinki on 25 April 2014. Professor Jan Fagerberg presented the report Innovation and innovation policy in the Nordic region and Director General Juhana Vartiainen presented his report To create and share – the remarkable success and contested future of the Nordic Social-Democratic Model. The reports…